Sustainability has always been part of One Generation’s values and vision. The ultimate goal has always been to become fully sustainable.

With the launch of our new collection, “Photographic Memory,” we are more than one step closer to making these dreams a reality.

Fast fashion is a crisis. A typical family throws away an average of 30 kg of clothing each year with only 15% is recycled or donated while the rest is incinerated or goes to the landfill. 72% of our clothing use synthetic fibres like polyester which take 200 years to decompose. These statistics only reveal a small part of a problem with far-reaching consequences impacting environmental injustice and economic inequality. 

In our new collection, we are making our efforts to change this. Upcycling is a big part of our brand. All of our trousers, shirts, trench coats and fabrics are sourced second hand, locally from Portobello market, from dealers on eBay, vintage shops and donations - we want to bring life back to these unwanted clothes. 

Many of our garments in our new collection are printed in-house using eco-friendly water-based inks. Printing in-house has meant that we can control how much ink we use so we make sure none of it goes to waste and that it can be disposed of safely. Our patchworks are made from second-hand jeans and fabrics which we screen-print and sew. Furthermore, our out-sourced garments, which we use for our hoodies and T-shirts, come from sustainability approved manufacturers. Every piece is unique and is made with lots of time and care - not to mention love.

In supporting our small business, you are also supporting the Clean Cotton Campaign, Pick Your Cotton Carefully, Environmental Justice Foundation and The Fair Wear Foundation.

By joining the One Generation community, whether through purchasing our clothes, attending our events, following us on social media or spreading the word, we want to thank you for bringing us one step closer to becoming fully sustainable.